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Annually, 100,000's of people die in the United States alone because of alcohol.  Within your lifetime, I guarantee you will know someone that will either be injured or killed by someone else using alcohol or die or get an illness from using alcohol themselves.  It changes people's lives forever.  Not one good thing comes from alcohol and all it does damage to your body everytime you take a sip.  It makes no sense that a drug that alters your mind, kills your body and kills 100,000's of people a year is legal.  The government and companies care more about making a profit than saving people's lives and in the end. In 2010,  the cost of these U.S. lives and property lost equals $224 billion per year, up from $182 billion in 2006, of government taxpaying money with the U.S. government only bringing in $20 billion per year in alcohol taxes.  Therefore, the U.S. government spends $204 billion per year on the consequences associated with alcohol.  Meanwhile, 100,000's of people are homeless.  All this money could be spent on sheltering the homeless and finding cures for cancers and illnesses or much better things especially in this economy.  Just think, 60-80% of all cancers are caused by drinking, smoking and obesity.  Just by doing three simple things of not drinking, not smoking and eating right and exercising you will add decades to your life.  Smoking has virtually become banned on television, magazines and in all public places and hopefully alcohol will follow soon in its footsteps.

This website is designed to inform you about all the harms that alcohol does to your body, the harms and costs to society and debunks the few benefits researchers claim alcohol provides to the body.  The section on statistics will prove to you how much longer people that don't drink live over people who do.  There will also be a section where you can read the 100's of articles I have collected throughout just the past few years from local newspapers across the country showing the death and destruction alcohol brings, as well as the harm it does on your body.  Please take the time to click on each one of the icons on the left to learn about the harms of alcohol and how it takes years off your life.  Also, please take the time to click on the icon "Petition to Ban Alcohol" which will send you to a website that will give you the opportunity to sign a petition that will help hopefully one day ban alcohol forever. By the time your done reading this website, I'm sure you will never ever drink again.  Alcohol is a poison.  Please help remove this killer from society and prevent your friends, loved ones or yourself to be added to the statistics of this senseless death.     

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