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Thank you for visiting my site and helping me with my fight against alcohol.   I would like to receive emails on any comments on the information found on this site or share any personal opinions or stories that could post of the site.  You can email me at  Throughout my 20some years of living, I have seen many people's lives changed forever as a result of alcohol.  I would like to take the time to share some of these stories.  

One of my good friend's sister has been a quadriplegic for 27 years since the age of 18 months.  Why?  Because a drunk driver hit her grandparents' car and caused these injuries.  She can not move or speak at all.  The only thing she can do is blink.  All becaue of alcohol this girl never had a chance at life and worse of all my friend had no sister and has had to live with nurses at her house 24/7 taking care of her sister for the 21 years of her life.  It isn't fair for what this guy did to this girl and the entire family.  It changed their lives forever.

Two years ago, someone I know was on his computer in his living room.  He went to bed at about 12:45 a.m..  At around 1:00 a.m., a car carshed through his living room wall right where he has been sitting some 10-15 minutes earlier.  I girl who had been drinking lost control of her car while making a turn went through this guy's lawn, through bushes and through the living room wall into the house.  If this occurred just 15 minutes earlier, this guy I know would have been killed for sure. 

About five years ago, my friend and I were at a local White Hen picking up something to drink after we had played basketball.  As we were leaving the store, a guy got out of his car and asked my friend what he was looking at and then punched him in the face.  My friend smelled a strong odor of alcohol on his breath and luckily got away and I called the police.  The guy was arrested but in court it was our word vs. his and there we no witnesses so they let him go.  What a joke that was.  All the police had to do is take a breathalizer test on him but they didn't and another guy got away.

I had a best friend for 17 years that lived next door to me since we were 1 years old.  He started to drink when he got into college and his life went downhil from there.  I stopped being friends with him when I found out he started to drink.  He failed out of college and was arrested several times for public intoxicated and possession of marijuana.  The worst though is when he was put in jail for when he was intoxicated and smashed all the windows and lights on a car and caused $5,000 worth of damage.  He also was intoxicated and jumped of a 2nd story balcony and landed on a metal fence and broke his back.  He also tried to jump over a parking meter when he was intoxicated and tore his ACL and had to have surgery and was in a wheel chair for 3 months and crutches for a year and the doctors said he will walk with a limp for the rest of his life.  All this because of alcohol.

A person I work with was driving in Chicago when they were passing through an intersection with a light that had been green for some 20 seconds when a guy ran the red light to the left of him at some 60 mph and slammed into his van.  Of course this driver was intoxicated.  The van was totaled and the police said his whole family of 6 in the van would have been killed in a normal car.  His daughter was severly injured and suffered a severe back injury that required 5 years of therapy and it still hurts her to this day.  His soon suffered a head injury, which has inhibited his speaking abilities and has to see a speech therapist 3 days a week to help him catch up to the other kids in his grade.  Again all because of alcohol and the intoxicated driver failed to show up on the court date and is believed to have fled the country.  Nice huh?

Another friend of mine was the first car stopped at a red light and a car approaching them from behind was bouncing back and forth from the curb to the median because he was intoxicated.  He came from the median back across to the curb and slammed into the side of their car.  He continued through the red light and kept going.  The police finally got him and arrested him.  My friend said if he would have hit them from behind he would have pushed them into the intercection where they probably would have been hit by cross traffic at 50 mph and killed.  Again all because of alcohol.  Also this guy skipped town and was never found.  

These are just the stories that I have seen first hand that have effected many of the people in my life.  Fortunately for me none of them have been killed but I fear it is just a matter of time before it happens.  That is why I will fight till my death to see this poison banned and society become a better place.  I would like to receive emails on any comments on the information found on this site or share any personal opinions or stories that could post of the site.  You can email me at  





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